If your feet are not working properly it will affect your knees, your hips, your back and your posture!

We can offer advice and treatment.  Professional help need not be expensive, nor painful.  In fact proper treatment will alleviate pain! 

We also have a wide range of Laufwunder foot-care preparations for callus, dry skin, diabetics, poor circulation, cracked heels, hot & smelly feet, and the unique MYKORED  for painlessly treating fungal infections of nail and skin.

The introduction of Laufwunder Callus Reduction Cream and Hyrdobalm Moisturising Cream has really revolutionised treatment for diabetics.  Dry and cracked skin is normalised and elasticity greatly improved.  Combined with the use of Clauberg's 'Onychosoft' nippers means that the diabetic patient gets even more considerate care and less risk of 'nicking'.